Sunday, May 1, 2016


Weston wanted to make sure we would cheer for him and we did!  He also couldn't wait until he could put his uniform on and get to the field.  He is a real baseball player and "real baseball players don't share baseball gum."  The other thing he said after the game was that he was really wanting his trophy.  Good thing everyone gets a trophy these days...maybe he started the new after every game.  Just kidding!  He loved his first game and we loved cheering him on! 

 He wouldn't be a baseball player unless...
 MY FAVORITE PLAY...all three going for the ball.  Weston is the one on the ground.
 AND yes, he turned his hat side ways a lot.  I think the bill gets in the way of seeing.

 His first time at bat I was on the other side where I could see his face...he had a grin the whole time he worked to hit the ball.

 Weston hustled for the ball and threw it to first several times.  He made sure he got his high five afterwards.

 How can anyone not love this boy?  His happiness, thrill for sports and boy stuff, and heart is one of a kind.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break


We counted down until TEXAS, FAMILY and HEAT/SUN!  We were ready to make the road trip and be back home.

UNO Attack

We have a DOCTOR in the house..Amy has offered advice, prescribed medicine for my skin and maybe a little BOTOX and helped Grammy with a "tic" as finally called it(cyst).  The kids loved looking on with many questions, oohs, and excitement.  Poor Grammy was in a good deal of pain as we caught it all.

Aunt Barbara commented that the kids had fancy bags which made me laugh...this was a DIY Pinterest bag.  Let the egg hunt begin.

This is the candyman dance.  He kept saying it over and over.  "I am the candyman."
THESE TWO BOYS have not just a little but a LOT of fun together.

Grammy's neighbors are great.  They have fun toys that they love to share with us!  We take advantage.

Pappy and Weston got two rounds of golf in.  He just loves it.
Miss Kinsley loves to be stylish.

We had one really fun night outside riding bikes and playing with all the neighbor kids.

Fishing was one of the request of the kids.  They were excited to get out and do some fishing.

I love these pics...Weston just caught his fish and was reeling it it.  Then below he is saying. Oh yeah!"

JUMPING like there is no tomorrow.  We had a great time celebrating Blake's 7th Birthday!

While the boys golf, the girls got pedicures.  We asked if they could paint Kinsley's and as soon as they finished her toes, she put her fingers out to have her nails painted.

Kinsley got behind the wheel and didn't want to stop driving.

Hot Tub and SOME swimming the pool in MARCH...the pool was cold but they were adventurous.

Another nap...another dad.  Dad said he told Weston to scoot to his own pillow but he didn't want to.
A Favorite Pic

We did have a surprise party for Daddy before we went to Texas.  The kids spent an hour decorating the kirchen with balloons and streamers. They wrapped presents and made cards.  Then we had a delicious strawberry cake. It was fun to celebrate Zack.  We love him so.